Akashic Business Records


Your business has  Akashic Records ~ Let me connect to your business’ own personal advisors for more insight.

Akashic Business Records


What direction does your business want to go? If you don’t ask then you will ever know! Your business has its own advisors that are completely different from your own personal advisors and we can ask them all kinds of questions.


Find out who your ideal clients are


Discover what may be blocking you so you can move forward


Change can be exciting and scary at the same time. But, does your business need a change?


Create new streams of $$$$


Make more doing less

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records also known as “The Book of Life” is a collective of consciousness. This consciousness is filled with all the thoughts, emotions, and experiences that have ever occurred on Earth and contains the past, present, and possible future of everything.


How Does It Work?


You will fill out the form with your business information and questions.


I will connect to your business’ advisors to get your information.


Your results are delivered based on the type of reading you requested.Either live with recording or via email.

Consultation / Packages

Readings For Every Need

Whether you would like in emailed report or a phone consultation, I’ve got you covered

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