Akashic Business Consultation




Akashic Business Consultation

What direction does your business want to go? If you don’t ask then you will ever know! Your business has its own Akashic advisors that are completely different from your own personal advisors and we can ask them all kinds of questions such as:

  • Clients – Find out who your ideal clients are
  • Blocks – Discover what may be blocking you so you can move forward
  • Transformation – Change can be exciting and scary at the same time. But, does your business need a change?
  • Revenue – Create new streams of $$$$
  • Streamline – Make more doing less


Email Akashic Business Consultation

You will be given a form to fill out then I will connect to your Akashic Business Advisors to ask your question. For emailed reports, one area of your business will be the focus.

Phone Akashic Business Consultation

This will be a 50 minute phone session that will be recorded. Once the date and time are set up then you will be given a phone number to call at our appointment time.





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